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PE and Sports Funding

The Funding

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum for academic years to 2013-20 to improve provision of Physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding -provided jointly by the department of education, health, and culture media and sport - It is ring fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools; however, schools will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Furze Platt Infant school will receive £8000 plus a premium of £5 per eligible pupil (children aged 5 - 11 years on the January census each year) for each academic year to improve our provision of PE across the whole school. In 2016/17 this is £8,895. As a result of this funding PE is a priority as part of our School Development Plan and we have been proactive in seeking out ways to improve the opportunities for pupils at our school.


As of October 2016 Furze Platt Infant School has planned and assigned the funding for:



Staff Training

Specialist support from Ascot & Maidenhead School Sport Partnership

A Premium Package of support, providing CPD and entry to local school network activities including

  • High quality training for all staff on ‘Real PE’
  • Personalised PE advisory support
  • Courses e.g. Fundamental Movement Skills Coaching for early Years; Dance workshops, Wake and shake up; Warm up and cool downs
    Subject leader training
  • Olympic Inspiration Athlete visit
  • Primary Dance Festival for 1 class
  • KS1 competitions/events
  • Teachers have developed their skills in teaching PE.
  • Pupils are enthusiastic and confident.
  • Improved experiences for the children.
  • Focused skills progression across school, and assessment of children’s progress throughout the school.
  • Opportunities to participate and showcase performance in a variety of activities 



  • Ensure  quality resources  are available for PE lessons and for indoor and outdoor use


  • Resources purchased to ensure full coverage of the curriculum.  Pupils have access to indoor and outdoor PE and Sports resources.
  • Playtime equipment enhanced so pupils can rehearse new skills

External professionals

  • Organising an outside professional/provider to run  sessions e.g. PE/ Games or series of coaching and taster sessions in school in order to offer wider opportunities to pupils and upskill teachers


  • Increased opportunities  and range of provision for pupils to experience a competitive physical activity/game.
  • Teachers and Teaching Assistants  will increase  their knowledge and skills

Play and PE skills opportunities outside the class.

  • Improving KS1 playground facilities by turning log park into an all-weather area‘
  • Re surfacing grass area in EYFS to expand opportunities for  all weather play
  • Positive Play coach x3 lunchtimes per week activities to support developing PE skills and structured play
  •  Improved outdoor opportunities to increase physical activity
  • Children have opportunities for a longer time over the academic year to access a log park (KS1) and extended grassy area ( EYFS) to develop their physicals skills.
  • More positive pupil interactions and active play.
  • Children engaged in physical activities, taking responsibility for organisation, exploring and enjoying

Rolling programme of Lunchtime Assistant training  

  • Training on developing skills to support traditional games, and physical and social interaction skills.


  • Lunchtime assistants have an understanding of the importance of the use and development of physical play, spatial awareness, social and communication skills which will impact positively on pupil interactions and play.


  • Reference parents to links and activities to support at home and supporting activities outside school


  • Source, sort and provide information to parents via, provision of information leaflets (reception), PEEK at the week, and email links to websites and local clubs’ activities during half term holidays etc

During the academic year 2016-17 Furze Platt Infant School will be continuing to increase the opportunities for high quality PE in school by:

  1. Quality assurance of after-school clubs to ensure they are  high quality
  2. Encourage links between local sports clubs and sports providers to improve community awareness
  3. Develop PE networks with other local schools
  4. Assess all actions against  the school development plan

Theses actions will be monitored closely by the governing body and all staff at school throughout the year. Parents will be notified of any relevant changes.