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New Log Park Surface


 We are delighted to announce that the log park is finally open for the children to use.  This project was completely funded by grants and the FPSA as we had no available school funding to carry out this project.  We have ordered a sign to place on the log park fence to acknowledge all the financial contributors to this project.


The previous play surface had been natural bark chip as the play furniture was wooden and it was situated under the trees so we wanted to keep the area as natural looking as possible.  However, this bark needed frequent topping up as it composts down in the damp and gets very dusty in dry weather; it could also not be used as a play area in wet weather.


 As you know the front playground is used at lunch and break by the whole of KS1 so losing an area when it is wet is not ideal.

We, therefore, decided to replace the chippings with an all weather, low maintenance surface which still looked natural and in keeping with it’s surroundings. We also decided to maximise the space by covering the natural mounds by the front gate in the artificial grass too.

With the best will in the world the project took longer than we expected but the area is now fully open and being enjoyed by all the children.